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CULTURAL TOURS Learn and experience the Tanzanian culture and lifestyle!

The Cultural tour is an alternative way of tourism that enables a tourist to experience, share and exchange ideas of the lifestyle of other people including customs, tradition and culture.

You are going to visit Maasai villages. For a day tour, we usually visit a village called Ilkiding’a. It is situated about 4.5 km away from Arusha town. You will see the beautiful Mt.Meru (4556 m) so close to you!
Maasai are usually known as nomads, but you will be surprised to see them there in Ilkiding’a with lots of vegetable fields.
The local guide and the Maasai elder will explain more about history, environment, culture and people of the village during the tour.

Schedule of our cultural tour program (1 DAY)


Leave Arusha town for Ilkiding’a village by car
After a short briefing, the local guide will take you around the village.


The local traditional dishes will be served for lunch.
(Goat barbecue and Maasai Dance are offered upon request.)
After lunch, a lecture will be given by a Maasai elder.
Pictures wearing traditional Maasai costumes,
then leave the village for Arusha town

We can also arrange cultural tours for 2 days or more, as well as home-stay for a longer period upon request.

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Kilimanjaro Coffee Tour

You may imagine"Coffee" when you hear the word "Kilimanjaro".
In fact, there are many coffee farms on the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro, and they are exporting their coffee to all over the world.
Many people are not aware of how coffee is produced, although they drink it everyday.
In this tour, you will visit some coffee farms in Kilimanjaro area, and will experience the whole process of coffee production. You will also learn about organic coffee farming and fair-trade.
Local food will be served for lunch.

A part of the fees accrued from this tour will be paid to Kilimanjaro Native Cooperative Union (KNCU), and will contribute to the local coffee farmers’ development projects.

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During your cultural tour