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F&K donated a cabinet to Ilkiding’ Primary School:

On 13th September 2012 F&K donated a cabinet to Ilkiding’a Primary School for the safe keeping of national exam papers and other important documents for the students. From this year, it became a legal requirement for each public school to be equipped with a cabinet with a safety locking feature. However, Ilkiding’a Primary School which is attended by more than 1,000 students did not have sufficent funds to buy such a cabinet. On the day of the donation, many boys and girls at the school helped to place the cabinet into the office of the head mistress. We hope this facility will be kept to support other students for many years to come.


F&K donated tree seedlings to Ilkiding’ Primary School to help prevent environmental deterioration:

photo photo

On 10th October 2012, F&K donated some tree seedlings to the school. The school students together with some of our clients and staff at F&K planted these tree seedlings together in the school compound. Despite the dusty and sunny environment students were allocated to work in various groups;  including those who planted the seedlings, those who fed them with organic fertilizers and those who carried water from the river to pour into the seedlings.

After this activity, our Japanese clients Ms.Setsuko Nakanishi and Ms. Yu Ito who volunterred for this project, held a small class with students at Standard 6, to teach them about Japan. They also had a small discussion about the importance of planting trees and protecting the environment.

At the same time as these tree seedlings are developing into big trees we hope these children are growing into successful adults.


From F&K ;

We wish to thank our customers who travelled toTanzania with F&K; as a result of their support we could provide Ilkiding’a Primary School with the cabinet and tree seedlings.

We hope our customers derive the same pleasure from supporting others as we do. At F&K we would like to raise awareness of the very positive impact that tourism has upon local communities and people.

We aim to continue our work supporting local communities.