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Why choose F&K?

Our commitments


We believe that the communication is a vital tool among people. Our drivers/guides are trained to take ample time to communicate with our customers. They also do their best to help our customers communicate with local residents.
We believe that encounters and conversations with new people will make your trip to Tanzania more fascinating and unforgettable.


We believe that each customer has different purposes and budgets for visiting Tanzania. We propose different trips to each customer according to their wishes.


We believe that what Tanzania attracts visitors is not only wild animals in the national parks, but also the people living there and their culture. Through our cultural tours, we offer opportunities to our customers to visit a small village, and experience the real Tanzanian lifestyle. Part of the fees accrued from these programs is contributed to the local community to support their projects. We hope tourism benefits both visitors and residents.
At the same time, we are also trying to support the development of our staff (drivers, mountain guides and porters). This is being facilitated by providing reasonable salaries and safe working environment.
We also believe that if our staffs are happy with their job, they will be able to provide better services to our customers.

F&K strongly believes that through traveling, people will interact, learn, and understand different people, cultures and environments-And by doing so, the world will become peaceful place filled with love.

“Love and Peace Through Tourism”


FREDRICK WILLIAM (Managing Director)

Born in Ilkiding’a village near Arusha, Tanzania. Pursued a Bachelor Degree in Law at the University of Dar es Salaam. His passion for nature and ability of foreign languages brought him to work at Mt.Kilimanjaro as an assistant guide from year 2000 to 2005. He had been also working as a cultural tourism guide in Ilkiding’a from 1999 to 2006. Although he rarely wears the traditional Maasai costumes, he is still a typical Maasai man; he loves meat and milk!
He will take you to exciting trips to national parks, Mt,Meru/Kilimanjaro, and to the Ilkiding’a village, expecting it would become a memorable experience that you can’t help coming back again to Tanzania. There is a saying “When you visit Africa and drink its water…..you always come back to Africa!”

KEIKO MATSUOKA WILLIAM (Tour coordinator, Japanese guide)

She is from Tokyo, Japan. Pursued a Bachelor Degree in Law at the Rikkyo University in Japan, then pursued a Master Degree in Parks, Recreation and Tourism at the University of Utah in USA. After working for a French insurance company in Tokyo for some years, she went to U.S to study tourism. She worked for a hotel in Maasai Mara, Kenya as a guest relation staff from 2005 to 2007, then she moved to Tanzania. She loves the simple life and the warmth of Tanzanian people. She also admires the way Tanzanian people live together with the natural environment.
Her goal is to promote enjoyable and educational trips for the visitors to Tanzania, as well as beneficial tourism to the local communities.

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